How to generate API Key (Auth Token)

Ever thought of how to generate Catch API token (key) and what it is used for?


Catch has made it easy to generate API key using the Catch Marketplace interface. The API key is used to integrate your Catch seller account with different softwares, giving the software the authorization to act on your behalf in Catch.


In this blog, I would be showing you the steps to successfully creating your Catch API Key and how to us it with Sweito.



Steps to Generate API Key



1. Log into Catch Marketplace


To begin, you need to login into Catch Marketplace. You would need your admin login credentials to this. Visit the Login page here.


2. Visit your user profile page


Once logged in, click on your username / user ID on the top-right corner of the screen. You would be redirected to your user profile page.


3. Click on “API Key”


Once on the user profile page, click on “API Key” located under User settings on the profile page. You would be shown the API key page.


4. Click “Generate a new key” button


On API key page, it would be blank if this is your first time generating an API Key. Simply click on the “Generate a new key” button to get a new API Key.

The generated API key is what you would use to authorize your Catch account with external systems. Be careful on the use of your API Key, as it gives users authorization on your Catch account. If you wish to revoke the authorization given to a system at any time, you can simply reset this token from the API Key page. It is considered best practice to revoke this key, once you do not have use for it any longer.


To learn on how to use this API with integration in Sweito system, click here.





Written by Alice Parker






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