Order Management System

Our order management system (OMS) is a tool designed to help sellers manage their orders from a convenient location. The system provides a number of features that help with the regular processing of received orders, all the way to fulfillment. 


With the growing number of eCommerce applications out there, sellers manage two or more seller accounts with different stores to meet new customers. It is best practice to go where your customers are and with our OMS, you have the freedom to join as many eCommerce markets and still keep track of all your orders in a single location.


Some of the features offered by our OMS are as follows:

  • Synchronizing of Channel Orders
  • Management of Receipts
  • Management of Invoices
  • Order Tracking
  • Process Automation

Synchronizing of Channel Orders

Keep track of your orders from different sale channels like eBay, shopify, WooCommerce, and others. Manage your orders with your teammates from a single dashboard.


Improve your market awareness and have the freedom to go to where your customers are shopping today.

Management of Receipts

Give your customers proof with every purchase, customized to reflect what your brand stands for. With a variety of templates to choose from, customize your receipt to project your store brand and gain customer trust.


Setup receipt automation, to automatically dispatch receipt on every order confirmation, and save your time and effort for other order processes.

Management of Invoices

Create and manage your invoices from one location. You can configure accept payments online or provide your accepted means on payment like bank transfer details, on to your invoice.


Choose from a variety of available invoice template and customize to reflect your store brand.

Order Tracking

Keep your customers engaged and knowledge on their order state, with our Order Tracker. Setup your order tracking within 4 mins with configurations to suit your sent out order. 


Automate your order and never have to worry on updating your order stage again. Let Sweito handle the heavy duties for you, while your focus on what is really important

Process Automation

Let us handle the boring stuff of ordering process while you focus on the important things. Setup automation on processes like receipt generation and invoice of service clients.

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