Integrate WooCommerce with Zendesk for free

Last Updated 12th January, 2023 by Sarah Campbell

Thinking of how to integrate WooCommerce with Zendesk for free? 


This is a choice made by many store owners to increase their customer service experience in their stores. Customer service is a building block for improving customer trust and increasing sales at large.


Statistically, customers who have better shopping experiences and customer support, tend to return to purchase more items from that store. This is the reason many store users have sort for better methods of managing customer service, which leads us to integrate Zendesk.


Zendesk is a ticket management software that allows users to manage tickets from their ticket dashboard and gives users additional features like macros and others. 


How to integrate WooCommerce with Zendesk


Step 1: Download Inbox for WooCommerce


The inbox for WooCommerce is a plugin that allows shoppers to message the store owners from the WooCommerce store. This plugin is a must-have with WooCommerce, as it gives the extra boost in ensuring customer service improvement.


Download Inbox for WooCommerce Now


Once you downloaded the plugin, activate the plugin and go to WooCommerce > Settings > Inbox on your admin sidebar to start the setup wizard.



Step 2: Complete the Sign-In Process


Once you have started up the wizard, complete the sign-up fields and click on the “Proceed” button to go to the next stage of setup. At this point, if you just registered for the first time, there is a welcome mail sent to the provided email address, with a password. Take note of the password, as we would use it in the coming section. Also, click on the confirm mail button in the welcome mail to confirm your account.


On the next stage of setup, select “Zendesk” as your prefered method to handle tickets manager and click on the proceed button.



Step 3: Authorize your Zendesk Account


Once the proceed button has been clicked, you would be notified that you need to authenticate your Zendesk account to continue. To start the authorization, click on the “Authenticate” button and you would be redirected to Sweito to login.


Use the email address and password you obtain in the step 2 to sign-in and complete the steps for Authentication shown on Sweito.


Once completed, you can simply click on the “verify auth” button on your WordPress admin setup wizard to continue on the setup process.



Step 4: Complete Setup Wizard


Once you have authorized your Zendesk account, the final step is to personalize your inbox system for WooCommerce. On completion, click on Complete button to finish.



Once you have completed the setup wizard, your WooCommerce would be connected to your Zendesk account. You can download the Zendesk app for Sweito to get more insight on tickets opened.